Output Formats

NovaProva supports two different test result output formats. You can select between these using the --format option to the test executable, or by calling np_set_output_format() if you write your own main() routine. If multiple formats are required then provide a comma separated list when using the --format option or call np_set_output_format() multiple times.

A simple text output format, designed to be read by humans. Output goes to stderr. Each completed test shows a single line, beginning with one of the key words PASS, FAIL or N/A, immediately when the test completes. These lines are interspersed with whatever output to stdout or stderr the tests themselves may emit. After all tests are complete a 1-line summary describes how many tests were run and how many failed. This is the default output format.
An XML format, designed to emulate the test report emitted by the JUnit library and read by many other tools, such as Jenkins CI. This output format creates a directory called reports containing multiple XML files called TEST-filename.xml, one for each test source file name. Each test’s pass/fail status, elapsed run time, and any output to stdout or stderr are stored in the XML file.